Real Estate Consulting & Construction Management

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We provide Due Diligence Reports, Real Estate Project Consulting, Development Services and Construction Management based on over 30 years of construction and real estate experience. Our services include:

  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Budget Creation
  • Site Selection
  • Help obtain financing
  • Cost consulting with Architects and Engineers
  • Acquire permits for zoning, soil and erosion, storm water
  • Install infrastructure
  • Permit facilities
  • Construct facilities

What are our qualifications?

  • Site Selection
    • Real Estate Broker North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Georgia
  • Zoning Knowledge
    • Local Zoning Board Member over 20 Years
    • Past Zoning Board of Adjustment Member
    • Member of City of Gastonia 2010 Plan Committee
    • Member City of Gastonia 2020 Plan Committee
    • Member Unified Development Ordinance Development Committee – County & City
    • Site Development SubCommittee Alliance for Growth
  • Construction Management
    • North Carolina Unlimited License
      • Building Classification
      • Highway Classification
      • Water/Sewer Utility Line Classification
    • Reciprocal with South Carolina
    • In Early 2015 Georgia Licensing
  • Soil Erosion and Storm Water
    • Member of Steering Committee on Soil Erosion and Control Local Ordinance
    • Member of Steering Committee on Local Storm Water Ordinance
  • Lead Based Paint – Renovation, Repair and Painting Certified